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BluBird Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel 13mm x 15m with 1/2" Male BSP, 3 Feet Lead-in Hose, 20BAR/300PSI

BluBird Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel 13mm x 15m with 1/2" Male BSP, 3 Feet Lead-in Hose, 20BAR/300PSI

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BluBird 15m Retractable Reel with 1/2" Male BSP Ends and 3 Lead-in Hose – a culmination of excellence that transforms your air hose experience into one of unparalleled convenience and reliability. Crafted with precision and designed for enduring performance, this retractable reel embodies the synergy of innovation and functionality. The BluBird Air Hose Reel presents an ultimate fusion of corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel, a single adjustable guide arm, and an L-shaped base with groove reinforcement. This meticulously designed foundation ensures unwavering stability, offering a robust support for the world-renowned BluBird Air Hose. Employing a fully enclosed multi-position 12-point ratchet spring system, this reel ingeniously locks the hose at desired lengths, enhancing flexibility and ease of use. With brass swivel joints in the hose inlet connection, leak protection is guaranteed. The reel stopper and four non-snag rollers further minimize hose abrasion, preserving its longevity. From floor to wall, ceiling to trucks, and trailers, this versatile hose reel adapts effortlessly, catering to the needs of both automotive enthusiasts and DIYers.

At the heart of this reel resides the BluBird Air Hose – an embodiment of innovation, heralding a new era in air hose technology. Imbued with a 2-Year Unmatched Warranty, the reel promises exceptional quality and durability. Its 18-gauge powder-coated steel construction is testament to its resilience, while corrosion-resistant solid brass fittings ensure longevity. The 12-point ratchet system contributes to secure hose storage at varying lengths, while a specialized internal system reduces spring vibration, enabling quieter operations and prolonging spring life. The adjustable hose stopper and four non-snag rollers protect against abrasion, a mark of meticulous design. The inclusion of a 3' Lead-in Hose adds convenience, while the outlet and reel inlet fittings – 1/2" M-NPT & Reel Inlet 1/2" M-NPT + 3/8" Reducer – elevate compatibility and versatility.

Air Hose Features:

  • A remarkable 10-Year Unmatched Warranty on the hose, a testament to its quality
  • 40% lighter than standard rubber hoses, enhancing usability
  • Impressive 20 Bar working pressure, driven by solid brass fittings
  • Outstanding 4:1 safety factor for enhanced performance
  • Extreme weather resistance, maintaining flexibility from -50°F to +190°F
  • 4-finger grip bend restrictor for optimal control and ease of use
  • Inclusions: 2 x 1/2" Male NPT, expanding functionality and compatibility
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Customer Review

Blushield is the only pressure washer hose that I need in 2023. Hose burst on job is real pain but this one last 10 - 15 jobs longer. Great hose as advertised well made.

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