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Avagard PolyUrethane Recoil Air Hose 8mm x 10mtr

Avagard PolyUrethane Recoil Air Hose 8mm x 10mtr

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Introducing the Avagard Recoil Air Hose 8mm x 10m – your go-to solution for economical and practical air hose needs. Designed with the DIY enthusiast and work stations in mind, this hose delivers reliable performance while offering great value.

The Avagard Economy Polyurethane Recoil Hose presents an ideal choice for those who love to get hands-on. Whether you're a DIYer or working in various stations, this hose is tailored to cater to your needs. Boasting self-coiling properties, it effortlessly retracts back to its original form, minimizing tangles and knots. The inclusion of a bend restrictor adds an extra layer of usability, providing enhanced control and making your tasks easier.


  • A perfect hose for both DIYers and workstations, reflecting its versatility
  • Self-coiling properties that ensure the hose retains its shape and reduces hassle
  • A bend restrictor that elevates your experience, enabling better control and use
  • A 8 Bar working pressure, ensuring reliable performance across various applications
  • An impressive 3:1 safety factor, enhancing peace of mind during usage
  • 1/4″ brass revolving end, a nod to its durable construction and reliability
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Customer Review

Blushield is the only pressure washer hose that I need in 2023. Hose burst on job is real pain but this one last 10 - 15 jobs longer. Great hose as advertised well made.

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